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Oct 16, 2019

CEO Dan Mitre and President Trumbull Fisher talk about the New Wave Esports pillars of investment. How it offers more opportunity and why slower growth, longer-term thinking is a winning strategy.

Sep 24, 2019

Along with guest SkyMcSparkle, Dan Mitre and Trumbull Fisher discuss what is so exciting about esports and why now is such a good and smart time to start investing in it.

Sep 10, 2019

New Wave Esports President Trumbull Fisher sits with advisory member, Neil Duffy, to discuss the esports investment ecosystem, the value to investors, growth of the industry and their approach to investments and acquisitions.

Aug 20, 2019

In the first episode of the New Wave Esports show, NukemDukem interviews CEO Dan Mitre and President Trumbull Fisher about the origins of the company, their vision, their investment approach and the future of the esports industry.

We apologize for the audio issues at the start of this episode. Please bear with us. The...